Voices of Immigrant Storytellers: Teaching Guide for Middle and High Schools

This teaching guide is designed with a diverse student body in mind. It guides students and teachers through a historic, cultural and personal journey. Although geared towards a 6th grade social studies classroom and based on its subsequent core standards, the 10 lessons can be easily adapted to grades 6 - 12 and other disciplines.

The curriculum’s primary use is to facilitate an introduction to immigration and stimulate students’ reactions utilizing Green Card Voices (GCV) digital stories. It starts with a focus on self and recognizes that we each have an arrival story. Over 10 structured lessons, students’ consciously map and record their personal story. The teaching guide progressively unfolds the humanity, diversity and contribution of new American citizens, and situates students’ own stories alongside these narratives.

Includes: 10 lessons with accompanying worksheets, activities, field trip ideas, online resources, and access to 10 digital Green Card Voices videos of first-person immigrant narratives.

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